Eternal Dream

Eternal Dream is a Female Fronted Power Metal band born in Malaga, Spain. With plain European influences and an epic, unique and catchy sound. Active since 2008, Eternal Dream has been alive, in constant growing and exploring the limits of its own sound.

After different singles, in 2012 the first album is released: The Fall of Salanthine, that obtains excelent reviews from different metal dedicated media. Mentioned work called several distributors attention and it is presented in live with some of the most highlighted spanish metal bands, like "Saurom" or "Dünedain".

Since then, the band hasn't stopped improving their live shows, composing and releasing new singles and EP's, every of them well received by the press and getting amazing reviews, and with a great reception from the solid band's fan base. All of this is possible due to the personal, compositive and technique growth that vertebrates the band, sharpening the original concept up to what is it today: bold, original and compact sound. Nowadays the band is presenting its new album, Daementia, released under Pride & Joy Music, that shows the technical and maturity achieved and starts a new stage.

In it they provide not just an audio experience but a full concept in which artwork, music and lyrics are parts of an everything. All this will give you a full integral perception of the concept. Damentia explores all the spectre of emotions and feelings in a human being, transporting us to her psyche using C. Lewis work “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There”, it’s sociocultural context, different versions (TV, movies, videogames…) to give that work it’s own identity and lore. Daementia connects with the listener with different feelings and evoking memories.

The composition evolutioned into a more overwhelming and direct power metal sound. Each song represents a feeling or a mental state, identifying characters or paragraphs created by C. Lewis, giving a different atmosphere to each song. This results in a journey trough mind guided by the music, drawings and literature. Artwork drawed by Ana will complete it’s perception. This album has been mixed and mastered by one of the best Spanish producers, Dani G in Dynamitay Studios (Asturias). In his resume you can see that he worked with important bands as Darksun or Last Days of Eden, giving Daementia a incredibly professional and detailed sound

They do not just offer a high quality musical product but also an unparalleled, full of energy and well developed live show.

Eternal Dream Albums

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The Fall of Salanthine

Inner Strength

The Seed of Naryll

Reign of the Skies

Demo 2008




Show Cancelled

No one will surprise, but our awesome night with Konvexo & Lethargus must be postponed, due to Covid1.  

Tickets have been automatically returned via Wegow

We're sorry about the cancellation but now it's time to be responsible and to stay at home. Live music will be back, and us too.

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Eternal Dream comes back to Málaga

Eternal Dream is back at home to to play in another epic night with Konvexo & Lethargus

Get your tickets here  

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Eternal Dream goes to Madrid

Eternal Dream goes to Madrid to play have an awesome night with Anima AeternA & Lethargus

Get your tickets here  

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Cinematic News

Yesterday we had a great day. Our singer Ana and our bassist Motta were invited to the screening test of Cucu (Peek-a-Boo) the new short film by Víctor Marín. And it was a blast!

OST of the film has been made by our bassman Antonio Motta and some of our songs such as “Farewell”, “Drifting Souls” and “Wrath” are incluyes on it! We wish all the best to our brother Víctor in his new cinematic adventure!

It has been a great honor to be part of your team! It’s a great pleassure to prove day by day that Marbella is much more than beach, yachts and luxury.

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Eternal Dream @ The Hall

We had a great time in Sevilla, and we want to repeat, so we will be with our galaecian friends of Prima Nocte and Aquelarre on May 4th @ The Hall, Málaga!

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Anxiety, third single

Anxiety, the third single of Dæmentia that was released on December 7th via Pride & Joy Music, is avaliable in all digital platforms!

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WOA Metal Battle

We have been selected for WOA Metal Battle semi-finals! We will see you again in Sevilla on March 16th!

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SevillaMetal Compilation

Wrath have been selected for 2018 Sevilla Metal's compilation, you can download it here:

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Insanity, second single

Insanity, the second single of Dæmentia that will be released on December 7th via Pride & Joy Music, is avaliable in all digital platforms!

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The Fall of Salanthine is Sold Out

Our first album The Fall of Salanthine is completely sold-out in Europe and Asia and there are just a few remaining copies in Mexico throught Gravis Records. Don't miss the last chance!

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Wrath, first single

Wrath, the first single of Dæmentia that will be released on December 7th via Pride & Joy Music, is avaliable in all digital platforms!

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Live in Seville & Malaga!

We are back to live shows! After the campaign ends we want to remember all of you about these two gigs in Sevilla and Málaga on november 9th and 10th.

Don't miss it, 'cos all three bands will bring you a bunch of surprises

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Eternal Dream signs with Pride & Joy Music!

Good evening and great news, We are pleased to announce that our album Dæmentia will be released worldwide 7th December under the German label Pride & Joy. THANK YOU to all those who have supported us and worked to make this possible.

Hugs: Ana, Motta, Jose, Alex, Isaías, Adrián - Eternal Dream -

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New Videoclip, Wrath

And here you are! We can finally give you a song of Dæmentia, a videoclip. It is Wrath, a track where two awesome voices feature: Ani Ldoe (Last Days of Eden) and Estefania Aledo (ARISE, MIND DRILLER). This video is an original idea of Celia Bobis under the direction of Juan Mata. We hope you like it and dont forget to share and comment! Also, among all of you who share and comment this post on our facebook page, we will raffle one of these watches you have love that much! Remember! They were sold out on the first 48 hours!

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