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    VideoBlog Ep. 15: Alexis Serrano (Anámnesis) ft.

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      • NEWS: New Album, Crowdfunding and more news!


        After a hard working year we want to share with you some news about our latest album, "Dmentia"

        For a first sight we will show you the album cover, a teaser & the tracklist

        1 Dmentia

        2 Anxiety
        3 Euphoria
        4 Delusion
        5 Denial
        6 Wrath
        7 Obsession
        8 Amnesia
        9 Insanity
        10 Numbness
        11 Reverie
        12 Awakening

        Dmentia will be our second studio album. It will come after an interesting and already running crowdfunding campaign with exclusive rewards beyond the classic "CD, Tee, Gig ticket". If you go through Verkami you'll find everything remaining it. 

        Verkami campaign:

        With this album we looked not only a sound experience, but a complete concept where art, music, lyrics and arrangements make a whole piece that makes the listener have an integral perception

        Dmentia explores all the spectre of emotions and feelings in a human being, transporting us to her psyche using C. Lewis work Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There, its sociocultural context, different versions (TV, movies, videogames) to give our work its own identity and lore. Daementia connects with the listener with different feelings and evoking memories.

        The composition evolutioned into a more overwhelming and direct power metal sound. Each song represents a feeling or a mental state, identifying characters or paragraphs created by C. Lewis, giving a different atmosphere to each song. This results in a journey trough mind guided by the music, drawings and literature. Artwork ink-drawed by Ana will complete its perception.

        This album has been mixed and mastered by one of the best Spanish producers, Dani G in Dynamitay Studios (Asturias). In his resume we can see that he worked with important bands as Darksun or Last Days of Eden, giving Daementia a incredibly professional and detailed sound.

        The design is completed by dedicated merch including the covers pocket watch representing time, a constant reference in Lewiss work. Thats why this LP has 12 cuts and a cyclic intensity.
      • NEWS: Eternal Dream is back


        Forget all you think you knew about Eternal Dream.

        We're back, reborn, unbeatable. and you'll see it.

        October 22nd. Sala Eventual Music

        4 of the greatest andalusian emerging bands together, are you about to miss it?

        SouthwindAbxentaLight Among Shadows & Eternal Dream

        Contact any of the bands to get your tickets.

        It's gonna be the metal event of the year!

      • NEWS: New single "Reign of the Skies" Avaliable for free!


        Here you are the new single of Eternal Dream "Reign of the Skies" you can take it for free on our "Downloads" section or just clicking here:

        The single has been recorded, mixed and mastered by Niko Hartmann at Eternal Studios. The Artwork has been made by Ana Moronta.

        The tracklist is:
        01. Reign of the Skies
        02. Reign of the Skies (Instrumental)
        03. Neoclassical Fantasy

        In "Neoclassical Fantasy" track we may enjoy a featuring by our brother Csar Rodriguez of Glasswork on the keyboards. In "Reign of the Skies" Cristbal Moronta has featured the choirs.

        The single will only be avaliable for free download. You can find it in our website and our digital platforms as Reverbnation, Bandcamp, Jamendo... Remember: if you want to download our music for free, you don't need to look for it in hidden places of internet with a questionable content. We give it to you with the best quality and 100% secure!

        Thanks and hope you enjoy it!

      • NEWS: "Reign of the Skies" cover revealed


        Today we show you the cover of our upcoming single "Reign of the Skies". The single will have 2 songs, "Reign of the Skies" and "Neoclassical Fantasy". Itwill be avaliable for free download at Dec 24th in the morning, as the final candy of our Advent Calendar. You'll have it through our website and most of our digital platforms. Soon you'll have more info. Stay tunned!

      • NEWS: Advent Calendar: Dec 7th


        Sunday! The perfect day for a new video. This time we can see a few more bass lines!

        Watch, enjoy, share and stay tunned. Tomorrow new video!

      • NEWS: New drummer - Advent Calendar: Dec 6th


        Today, in our videos of our Advent Calendar, we want to present a new member of Eternal Dream family: Isaas Montiel, also Drummer of our pals of Face ff and a beast on the drums.

        Here you can see a little introduction of our new brother. We will publish more videos so you can see him playing. 

        Stay tunned!

      • NEWS: Advent Calendar: Dec 5th


        Fifth day! Today will be a short video for a big feature! Here you can see Cristbal Moronta getting ready to record some choir lines for a new song.

        Watch, enjoy, share and stay tunned. Tomorrow new video!

      • NEWS: Advent Calendar: Dec 4th


        Here you are a new video of our Advent Calendar!

        This time you have lvaro again recording some melodies with Niko

        Watch, enjoy, share and stay tunned. Tomorrow new video!

      • NEWS: Advent Calendar Dec 3rd


        New day, new video! In this third day we can see Ana recording vocal lines for a new song

        Watch, enjoy, share and stay tunned. Tomorrow new video!

      • NEWS: Advent Calendar Dec 2nd


        Here you are a new video of our Advent Calendar. In this second video you can see Motta and Niko recording some bass lines

        Watch, enjoy, share and stay tunned. Tomorrow new video!

      • NEWS: Advent Calendar Dec 1st


        As promised, here you are the first video of our Advent Calendar. In this first video you can see lvaro and Niko recording a new song already presented live

        Watch, enjoy, share and stay tunned. Tomorrow new video!

      • NEWS: Advent Calendar


        Christmas is coming and we want to cellebrate it with you! That's why we have decided to make our own Advent Calendar. Through every day, we will upload a short video with some of the news of the band, from Dec 1st. to 24th. The same 24th, we will give a little present to all of you who have been following us for so long.

        Stay tuned!

      • NEWS: Eternal Dream at Top10


        This month we have reached the 5th position at April's Top10 with our song "Farewell".

        Have a look!

      • NEWS: Concert at San Fernando CANCELED


        We're really sad to announce that, due to the clausure of the venue "El Refugio del Rock", all the events has been canceled, among them, ours. 

        It's something totally unrelated to the bands and the venue. We are truly saddened by these news. We wish the best for Salva and Glory. A great hug!

      • NEWS: New dates!


        New concert dates!

        Friday March 8th, Marbella - Sala Premiere, + Anmnesis. Free Entrance

        UPDATED Friday April 5th, Mairena del Aljarafe (Seville) - Sala Orpheus Rock + Absentia. 3.

        Sbado 20 de Abril, San Fernando (Cdiz) - El Refugio del Rock, + Carmine. 3

        More dates TBA soon.

      • NEWS: Ana Moronta, January chick of "Divas del Metal" Calendar


        Our vocalist, Ana Moronta has been chosen to be part of "Divas del Metal" Calendar in the month of January.

        You can download it in the following link: 

      • NEWS: Miguel ngel Rey, new drummer of Eternal Dream


        We're really happy of introducing Miguel ngel Rey, our new collegue, who manage the drums of Eternal Dream from a few weeks. We want to thank him by trusting in us, the good energy that has brought and the big effort to be ready in a record time.

      • NEWS: Andy Montalbetti leaves Eternal Dream


        Today we bring some sad news: Andy has decided to leave Eternal Dream due to personal reasons and for dedicating to other projects. It's a friendly and mutual separation. He has been a great colleague, friend and drummer for 4 years. His departure leave a great vacuum on us

        We wish the best in his life and a lot of success in his musical career.

      • NEWS: Eternal Dream on Spotify!


        Hi all!

        From now, you can listen our latest album "The Fall Of Salanthine" from Spotify!

        You can access from this link, or searching "Eternal Dream" in Spotify.

      • NEWS: Eternal Dream jumps into Japan!


        We are proud of announce that our latest album "The Fall of Salanthine" will be distributed from today through S.A. Music, with headquarter in Osaka. For all those who may be interested in adquiring it, this is the link:

        It's a pleasure for us to see how there's real professionals at the other side of the world who value and invest in the metal forged in this country without valuing nothing but the content of the CD. Thanks why we want to thank to the crew of S.A. Music the interest and support shown to us.

        Finally, we want to remember that on Saturday July 21st we will be playing at La Carbonera Rock-Bar, Marbella, where we'll be celebrating this little jump into the Asian Market.

        Thanks to all of you who have made it possible!

      • NEWS: The Fall Of Salanthine, now available in physical format!


        We have just received the physical copies of our debut album "The Fall Of Salanthine", and you can buy it from the shop area of the web. We send it anywhere in the world!

        The album comes in jewel-box, full color, with a 16 pages booklet with photos and the lyrics of all the songs ;)

      • NEWS: Eternal Dream for smartphones



        The new mobile technologies are revolutionazing the way information comes to us, and in this way, the music scene advances. Due to that, in Eternal Dream we have decided to create a profile in Songpier, a specially designed plataform for smartphones and tablets; where bands and artists can keep their fans informed wherever they are. You just have to add this url to bookmarks: and you will stay tuned with the band.

        In this profile you can watch pics & videos, listen to the songs, read their lyrics and, last but not least, stay informed of the latest news of the band.

        Greetings and thanks for your attention!

        - Eternal Dream -  

      • NEWS: News of the new album


        Greetings, dear friends!

        We're proud to announce that the recordings, mixing and mastering of "The Fall of Salanthine" have ended, and we just have just to finish the artwork and decide a release date.It has been a hard and long process, but we think that our work has met the desired quality.

        The complete production of the LP (recording, mixing and mastering) has been done by Niko Hartmann, also pur guitarist, at Eternal Studios. This album has had the following guests :

        Eloy Martnez (Carmine), in the song "Memories of a Lyliac Dawn"

        Alexis Serrano (Anmnesis), in the song "Farewell"

        Lori Tempest, at the choirs

        Irina Rivera, in the song "The Rising"

        As you may remember, we started a contest for the design of the new band's logo. We want to thank you all for your support

        It has been a pleasure to see the support of our contestants. We have recieved more than 50 works worldwide. We have spent a long time reviewing the logos and we're proud to announce that the winner is Ariel Santos from Uruguay.

        As we said, the winner will receive a special prize which will be received before the release date:

        - A signed and dedicated copy of "The Fall of Salanthine".

        - A signed photograph.

        - A signed and dedicated poster.

        - Special Prize: The band's T-shit.

        Thanks, Ariel, for your support and your great work. The logo will be revealed with the cover and the tracklist very soon.

        And last but not least, you can check out This Link to hear a first teaser of "The Fall of Salanthine".

        Thanks to you all for making this album possible.

        A great hug to all of you

        - Eternal Dream -

      • NEWS: Logo Contest


        It has been a great pleasure to have your support. We have to say that your answer has been brilliant. We have received more than 50 projects from all over the world. After the concerts of this month, over September, we will begin to evaluate your ideas, when we have the first draft of the cover. As we said the winner will have a special prize of:

        - A signed and dedicated copy of "The Fall of Salanthine"

        - A signed photograph.

        - A signed poster

        - Special Prize: A T-shirt

        We cannot give you a release date, because we are working at 200% with all the album details, but we will reveal some news of the LP around the second half of September.

        Next concerts:

        19/8 @ San Pedro de Alcntara, Marbella (Mlaga) (Recinto ferial San Pedro de Alcntara)

        20/8 @ Torremolinos (Mlaga) (Bar Terpscore, Avda Palma de Mallorca 14),

        14/10 @ Mlaga, (Murray's Irish Pub, CC Plaza Mayor)

        - Eternal Dream -

      • NEWS: Advance about "The Fall of Salanthine"



        We are Eternal Dream, a Symponic Power Metal from Mlaga (Spain).

        You can download our EP The Seed of Naryll at

        As you may see on our vdeoblog we are recording our first album, which be released in autumn 2011.

        We make the following contest:

        - - - - - - - - - - - DESIGN THE NEW BAND'S LOGO - - - - - - - - - - -

        These are the rules, to be followed by all of the contestants:

        - The logo must contain "ETERNAL DREAM"
        - It must contain a CRESCENT MOON ---> )
        - Must be presented in one of these formats PHOTOSHOP, ILUSTRATOR o VECTORIZED.
        - Send it with your details (name, surname, contact mail, etc) to
        - The last day for sending is 15th AUGUST 2011.
        - You can participate wherever you are, and all times that you want: if you create more than one, send them all!

        All the works will be ranked and revised by all our band members.

        The prize is a signed and dedicated poster, a signed copy of the upcoming album, a photograph and, of course, the corresponding credits in the album booklet. Furthermore, we will send you another surprise.

        If you have any doubt, simply contact us at

        Send this contest to everyone who can be interested. Thanks!

        - Eternal Dream -